Not Just Raazi’s Sehmat, There Are 5 More True Stories Of Indian Spies That You May Never Have Heard of and they are equally responsible and creditable for safeguarding the country

If you’ve watched Raazi movie, you must have realized how breathtaking, dangerous and thankless a spy’s job is. You’re dealing with sensitive information and are constantly at a risk of getting caught. Carrying out undercover activities is also an emotionally crushing work and yet, there are people who put their lives/life in danger or risk to serve the country.

Apart from Sehmat Khan, here are some other Indian spies, who went undercover.

Ajit Doval:

Doval known as the James Bond of India, an IPS officer of Kerala Cadre, spent 7 years in Pakistan as a Pakistani Muslim. He kept passing vital and crucial information to the Indian military during his stay.
During Operation Black Thunder, which meant to eliminate Sikh militants from the Golden Temple, he went inside the temple posing as Pakistani agent to Khalistani militants and got access to important/valuable information. After he ceased working as an undercover agent, Doval has also worked in the Indian High Commission in Islamabad for 6 years.

He has been awarded India’s second highest peacetime gallantry award, Kirti Chakra and is currently working as the National Security Advisor.
Ravindra Kaushik:

Born in Sri Ganganagar district of Rajasthan, Ravindra Kaushik was an passionate theater artist. He was only 21 years age, when officials from RAW dappled him at one of his performances. In the next 2 years of his training, he learnt Urdu, Islamic pious texts(Quran) and about the land of Pakistan.

At 23, with all his Indian documents ruin/smash, in 1975, he set foot in Pakistan as Nabi Ahmed Shakir and got himself enrolled in Karachi University to pursue LLB.

After graduating, he joined Pakistani Army as a commissioned officer and even got promoted to the position of Major. He married a local girl named Amanat and also fathered a son.

Between 1979- 1983, he kept passing important and confidential information to the Indian army.

But one vital mistake from Inyat Masiha, a lower level operative sent by RAW to meet with Kaushik, blew his cover and he was arrested in 1985. For his valuable contribution to the Nation Indira Gandhi called him “The Black Tiger”. Kaushik spent the last 16 years of his life in Mianwali jail in Pakistan where he contracted pulmonary tuberculosis and died in 2001.

 Kashmir Singh:

For long 35 years, Kashmir Singh, who had set his foot in Pakistan as Mohammad Ibrahim, was tied with chain and kept in solitary imprisonment but not even once did he admit to spying for India.

Kashmir Singh was in Indian Army before he was appointed to spy for the country’s military intelligence in Pakistan on a monthly salary of ₹480. He would rent a room in a guesthouse in Lahore and travel to other cities by bus.

He was assigned a job of gathering information about the number of local army units close to Pakistan’s border and click snapshot of strategic position/situation of military troops. His job as  an Indian spy ended when a man, who was supposed to be his guide/advisor, gave away his true identity which led to his arrest in 1973.

After Singh had gone through utmost maltreatment in Pakistani jails for 35 years. Ansar Burney, Pakistan’s Federal Minister for Human Rights, took up his case with the government of Pakistan and got him released on 2008.

Saraswathi Rajamani:

Born in Burma (present-day Myanmar), Saraswathi joined Subhas Chandra Bose’s Indian National Army in 1942 at a tender age of 16. She was a part of Jhansi Ki Rani regiment/unit, which was INA’s military intelligence wing.

Rajamani, along with a few of her women workmate, impersonate as boys to garner crucial security details/informations from the British. Once, to rescue one of her colleagues who was captured by the British soldiers, Rajamani dressed as a dancer and sneaked into the British camp.

The courageous woman drugged the British soldiers and rescued her colleague. While fleeing the cap, she got shot by a soldier on a leg but still managed to escape.

Mohanlal Bhaskar:


In 1965, while giving a speech on Bhagat Singh, Mohanlal Bhaskar said, “We have eaten the grain cultivated with your blood, It has nurtured the seeds of martyrdom in us.”

And that’s when the patriotic man was chosen to carry out espionage activities for the nation. Without his family getting any idea/known, he underwent circumcision, turned to Islam and took the name Mohammad Aslam.

Afterwards, he was sent to Pakistan with a mission to take out information about their nuclear program. Bhaskar’s cover blew up after he was betrayed by one of his workmate who worked for both India and Pakistan as a double agent.

After spending 14 years in jail, Bhaskar was released as a part of a prisoner exchange between India and Pakistan.

He then wrote an interesting book called “An Indian Spy in Pakistan”.

Sehmat Khan:


Sehmat was an Indian-Kashmiri undercover agent who set off in Pakistan during the 1971 Indo-Pak war. Daughter of a rich Kashmiri businessman, Sehmat married a Pakistani Army officer.

Although she was meant to be just a assistant for the Indian Intelligence. Sehmat Khan went a step ahead to collect crucial security information for India.

The major main important information passed on by Sehmat was Pakistan’s strategy to sink INS Viraat, a Centaur-class aircraft carrier of the Indian Navy. Thanks to her, India immediately takes action on  Pakistan’s plan and ruined the Pakistan’s plan successfully.

When she get back to India, she was expecting a child of her Pakistani husband. Later, her son joined the Indian Army.

What a selfless love for the country!!!

These are also a real hero of our Nation who worked beyond the scene without coming in any limelight.
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